Day After Valentine’s on Amazon Prime

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Day After Valentine’s is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Starring Kate Tumanova and Alex Lavelanet. Written and Directed by Catherine Ouellette.

My intention for “Day After Valentine’s” was to construe a discussion on systematic racism and misogyny that is implemented in our world. The entitled, mostly unconscious of their wrong-doings, have been brainwashed to disregard women and people of color for centuries.

Unfortunately, this behavior still fits the norm in our modern day society.  This short film exhibits the bearings and its consequences which can lead to one’s breaking point.

Scenarios and characters in this piece have been based on my personal life and some of my observations in near proximity.  From political-related conducts to your everyday ignorance, we have much work to do in the dealings of our humanity.

Despite our differences, we can relate by having empathy for one another and making the conscious decision to do better. (Amazon Prime) (Behind The Scenes)

Rest In Peace Nicole Torode. xo


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