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I’m not the most diligent person with a razor. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shaved in the shower and missed a patch or two, only to discover it mid-meeting, at the beach, or anywhere else where I can’t get back in the shower and fix it. So when I recently stumbled upon the Sphynx razor, I immediately ordered it.

The Sphynx is a compact, circular plastic case — it looks a little like old-school birth control, or Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape gum — that’s a three-fer portable shaving kit. Inside, there’s a refillable water spritzer, a bar of shave lather, and a razor blade (plus an extra two for future use). Here’s how it works: Twist the dial in the center of the palm-size kit, and you’re able to switch between the aforementioned bottle, soap, and razor. Start by misting the area to be shaved, then click over to the all-natural emollient lather bar, to create a smooth surface for the blade to glide over. Then click the dial one more time to get to the razor. And then shave, quickly and anywhere.

The first time I tried the Sphynx, it was to fix a swipe of underarm hair I missed before heading to the beach with family this summer. The single-blade razor did an impressive job of fixing my mistakes. Bonus: I also learned that the lather bar could be used after shaving as a moisturizer — a soothing benefit for my supersensitive skin. As an experiment, I later tried shaving my legs with the Sphynx, and it’s somewhat laborious. I also had to refill the water four times. But for a touch-up, I didn’t refill it at all.

Sphynx Razor


The Sphynx is very much a portable product; the founders actually designed it with just one blade for that reason: According to their FAQ page, unlike multiblade razors, you’ll never need to tap it to a sink to rid it of hairs. That means less clogging and a cleaner device, which feels like a reasonable requirement for anything you’ll want to permanently stash in your work bag.

( Words by By Rachel Jacoby Zoldan for NY Mag)

The Sphynx Portable Razors Are Available on Amazon for $9.99

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