5 USB Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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When the one who gave birth to you is elegantly tech savvy.

Not all mothers are created equally. Some are into flowers and bath tub essentials. Others are busy bees and on the go; The ones that appreciate that something useful for their everyday lives. Why not a stylish device that saves memories, significant documents, and most importantly…. the gift being a thoughtful gesture part of you? I’ve gathered 5 USB ideas for Mother’s Day.

Engrave her name and a meaningful quote on this classy USB. Also it comes in rose gold! ($19.99)
Doubles as an original knick knack for her desk. Great way to store pictures or send away a letter in a bottle. ($12.17)
Music brings back nostalgia. What best gift to give to your mother than her favorite songs on this mixtape shaped USB? ($11.99)

For the one of the kind 007 Mom out there, here’s the Estee Lauder lipstick-shaped USB. Maybe she has 32 GB worth of classified information in her handbag or a secret presentation for her company. ($99.95)
She carries a heart of gold (full of meaningful pictures and poems) while traveling the world. ($13.85)

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