Denon DJ Announces First Hardware Integration With Beatport Link

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Beatport’s catalogue will be available for streaming via Denon DJ gear by the end of 2019.

Last week, Beatport made a major step forward with the announcement that their new streaming service, Beatport LINK, would be available to users of Pioneer DJ‘s WeDJ mobile app. The online music marketplace has now announced their first actual hardware integration with none other than Denon DJ.

By the end of 2019, owners of Denon DJ’s Prime Series equipment line will be able to stream tracks directly from Beatport’s catalogue during performances. The announcement coincides with one made by Denon DJ revealing that units like the Prime 4 controller and SC5000/SC5000M CDJs are now wi-fi and hardwire enabled.

As was the case with SoundCloud, Beatport’s Denon and Pioneer partnerships are likely the first in a succession of integrations. By making music so readily available to DJs, both online platforms stand  to solve the problem of how royalties are paid out for playback in performances (and earning subscribers in the process). On the flip side, by dissuading DJs from purchasing downloads music the integrations could also hurt content creators and curators in the long run.


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