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Kehinde Wiley Tries His Hand at Design with a New Artist Residency in Senegal

In June, the American portrait painter will open Black Rock Senegal—a new artist retreat he designed in partnership with local architect Abib Djenne These days, Kehinde Wiley is doing more than just painting in his Brooklyn studio. The famed Barack Obama portraitist is establishing an art studio in Lagos, Nigeria, an artist residency in Dakar, Senegal, and… Keep Reading

Justine Marjan and Kitsch Part II Launched

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A Second Round of Hair Accessories, and They’re Everything. We have the exclusive first look at Serious Boss Vibes. Hair accessories haven’t been this popular since Blair Waldorf sat on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art wearing a striped bow headband — and the trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan…

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CBS UK Took On The Egg Factor

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In honor of National Infertility Week Awareness, ALERA Enterprises Inc., has announced that CBS UK has acquired EGG FACTOR, a gripping, 10-part docu-series tracing the extraordinary lives of men and women involved in creating modern families with donated eggs. Egg Factor will premiere in Los Angeles followed by a Q&A led by Executive Producers, Lara Sarkissian and…

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9 Secret Islands You Need to See Now

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Think you’ve been to every sandy strip on the planet? We bet these nine secret islands will surprise even the most well-traveled adventurers. 1 Holbox Island, Mexico Off the north coast of Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula, this secluded strand is a three-hour ferry from Cancún’s crowded shores, but it feels a world away. The car-free island…

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Look, Here Comes the Shake Shack Truck

in Eat + Drink

A Fantastical Automobile Filled with ShackBurgers and Frozen Custard The kitchen in truck form: it’s been a thing for quite some time now, doing the good work of delivering tasty tacos, frozen treats and all manner of freshly-made snacks to populous areas around town.  And now, it may’ve reached a tentative zenith… Introducing the Shack Truck.…

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10 Brain Exercises That Boost Memory

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Keep your brain as healthy and fit as your body with these simple tips. We don’t just lose muscle over time — our brains can atrophy, too. More specifically, your brain’s cognitive reserve — its ability to withstand neurological damage due to aging and other factors without showing visible signs of slowing or memory loss — diminishes…

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