Array’s IT’S A MAN’S WORLD Panel event Spotlighting Gender Inequality in Film and Media

in Entertainment

I piled my sustainable disposable plate up with bougie finger foods in the courtyard of the  ARRAY Creative Campus and made my way over to the bar to get a glass of wine. I was enjoying myself. I’ve been to events like this before. Panel events for women in the film industry preceded by a…

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Meet the Women Who Designed LeBron’s Latest Sneaker

in Fashion/Feature
image by nike.

THE HFR X NIKE LEBRON 16 SNEAKER HITS STORES ON MAY 10TH.  NBA All-Star, Lebron James teamed up with designers Fe Noel, Undra Celeste, and Kimberly Goldson on a remix the HFR x Nike Lebron 16 sneaker that debuted last year. The creative forces updated the style in a spring-ready colorway, retaining its popular silhouette.…

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Invisible Work at The Treasury

Invisible Work has been defined as the “never-ending, sometimes soul-crushing to-do list” that women manage. Some call it emotional labor or mental load. Whatever you call it, you’ve experienced it if you’re a woman. Although it’s especially present in moms, all adult women tend to carry out this invisible work because of the tasks that…

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Rise of the Lady Backpack

in Accessories

Some white-collar women are ditching their purses for a more practical toting solution. They say they’ll never go back. When Sara Farrar worked in California, she took a purse to work every day. It seemed like the hip thing to do, and since she drove to work, it was easy to toss the thing into…

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